Friday, April 3, 2015

Metal Polishing: Keeping Oxidation at Bay and Away from Metal Products

It’s only natural that most materials would be subject to oxidation, from fruits, plants, and metals. This happens when oxygen comes in contact with substances such as living tissues and metals, and at times causing their deterioration. In the case of metals, oxidation causes the appearance of rust, which not only makes them look unappealing to look at, but also causes their gradual degradation and damage. Fortunately, there are skilled metal polishers who can keep oxidation from affecting your metal products and prevent its damage due to rust. The Science behind Oxidation Scientifically speaking, oxidation denotes the loss of at least one electron due to the interaction between two or more substances. The process of oxidation will depend on the amount of oxygen in the air and the nature of the material it will have contact with. In metals, this chemical process typically happens when the metal is exposed to acids or water, and its common manifestation is rusting or degradation.

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