Thursday, April 2, 2015

Adding to the Shine: Polished Aluminium Gives Products More Class

If you’re a fan of Apple’s many products, your mouth is probably watering over the upcoming release of the new Apple Watch. Said to be made in three different types: aluminium, steel, and gold, the choice of metals for the Apple Watch is interesting. Gold is naturally impressive and stainless steel is a good choice for durability, but for an aluminium watch to stand side-by-side with these two is an impressive feat. The shiny polished aluminium surface of this new product can be just as nice to look at and it has a lighter weight than other metals. Being the third most common element following oxygen and silicon, aluminium may not seem valuable, but the proper treatment can make it great. There are several metal finishing processes that can make aluminium shine like silver. One of the more popular ones is the use of polishing to scour the surface of the metal.

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