Friday, October 30, 2015

Metal Finishing 101: Get to Know More About the Bead Blasting Process

Bead Blasting Services in the U.K. Bead blasting is a service provided by top metal finishers and anodisers like Badger Anodising. These companies have the latest materials, tools, and equipment necessary to do the job efficiently and with the best possible results. They also use bead blasting as preparation for their anodising work, so you can be assured you get excellent workmanship that’s guaranteed to meet even the most stringent quality standards.

Anodise or Powder-Coat: Which is Better on Your Aluminium Products?

Which one is better? The best manufacturers in various industries prefer anodising over powder coating, as anodising makes a product more durable and longer-lasting that the end product lasts longer. If you want to offer the best finish available, then it will be wiser to anodise your aluminium products instead. Quality Anodising Services in U.K. Metal finishing and anodising companies like Badger Anodising offer its quality colour anodising services to customers all over U.K., and accept bespoke and one-off orders, making them the ideal choice for your custom needs.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Anodising Aluminium Breathes New Life and Adds Colour to Buildings

More importantly, anodised aluminium is more resistant to corrosion. The metal’s oxide layer is hard and self-renewing, thanks to its ability to spontaneously form a thin yet effective layer that is able to prevent further oxidation or corrosion. Weathering is also not a problem for anodised aluminium, and can withstand exposure even to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Any building can achieve a dash of colour without paint through having anodised aluminium. High quality ones can be found only from anodising companies in Birmingham, like Badger Anodising.

Learning the Different Uses and Types of Metal Polishing and Finishing

Metal product manufacturers can greatly benefit from polishing and finishing all their products. The process involves the application of a coating or finish, altering the metal’s properties and enhancing its qualities for it to give a better performance. Numerous industries are utilising these processes for their products, be it for new technologies and processes to traditional manufacturing. Each of them are opting for any of these types of metal polishing and finishing.

From Polished Aluminium to Wood: The Best Materials for Outdoor Signs

Its greatest upside is its top-notch corrosion resistance, which is a result of either one or both of two processes: the natural formation of a protective oxide coating on its surface when exposed to air, or an industrial aluminium polishing process, courtesy of companies such as Badger Anodising. The polishing process also allows aluminium to be offered in a variety of colours that better suit specific purposes, reducing the need for using paint. Furthermore, aluminium is incredibly durable yet very lightweight, allowing for maximum signage longevity even in tough weather conditions.

Anodised Aluminium Extrusions: How They Help Push Solar Power Forward

Companies such as Badger Anodising, which primarily deals with standard anodised aluminium products and services, have clients from a very wide variety of industries, such as electronics and architecture. Add to that list, too, solar panel producers? Simply put, the worldwide solar energy industry is being revolutionised by aluminium extrusion frames, which provide strong and lightweight support and structures for solar panels. Furthermore, these things work along with other components that allow for precision positioning, as well as improved stability for optimal productivity. Solar installations rely heavily on stability after all, and aluminium extrusions are proving to be more than enough in terms of innovation.