Thursday, May 28, 2015

Professionally Anodised Aluminium Enhances Your Aluminium Products

"Anodising is an electrochemical process that works on a host of metals. This includes aluminium, magnesium, titanium, zinc, and zirconium. The process results in adding thickness to the oxide layer of a particular metal product. Properly anodising aluminium requires expertise and experience. Specialists like Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd have both and it would be best to outsource your anodising needs to them. The process itself requires several steps and the use of chemicals. The first one is to clean the metal of any dirt or impurities. This is done by washing it down with acid or alkali cleansers. Any impurities will cause problems when the anodising process is done. The second part is the application of pre-treatments; ensuring that the finished product will have a matte surface is done by applying sodium hydroxides, while a glossier look will require phosphoric and nitric acids. After that is the main anodising process: the aluminium is submerged in an acid electrolyte bat

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  1. Great to share about the procedure of anodising of aluminium materials.