Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Natural Processes and Polishing Keeps Aluminium an Aviation Darling

Perhaps the greatest reason for aluminium being valued in the aviation industry, however, is its ability to resist corrosion. How so? According to the laws of chemistry, pure, untainted aluminium reacts so readily with water and air. In theory, the aluminium frame of a plane should really dissolve in the rain like chocolate powder given this specific circumstance. The reason why it doesn’t is because of two things: a naturally occurring shield and the industrial process of thorough aluminium polishing. The naturally occurring shield is called aluminium oxide, which forms on the metal’s surface when it is exposed to the atmosphere. When corrosive factors like water molecules come in contact with the aluminium oxide, the oxygen and aluminium molecules in the aluminium oxide literally move apart and change the metal’s structure just enough to make it chemically neutral.

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