Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Aesthetic and Practical Advantages of Using Anodised Materials

The technical process of coloured anodising is common throughout many industries, and it can provide numerous aluminium products with an eye-catching appeal. Anodising is a well-known process that will protect aluminium objects such as cans, climbing equipment, jewellery, and even bicycle parts with a high level of corrosion resistance. Although the physical benefits of this technique are widely known, it is also just as important to realise that decorative finishes are another massive advantage. Enhanced Visual Qualities As opposed to adding a design directly upon an aluminium substrate, anodised materials provide a surface that can readily accept colours, patterns, textures and prints. This is apparent when viewing a traditional steel beverage can alongside its modern aluminium counterpart. Designs are much “crisper” and brighter, able to literally jump out at the consumer. This is a massive benefit from a marketing standpoint.

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