Monday, November 30, 2015

Make Your Motorcycle Stand Out with Custom Anodised Aluminium Parts

Many riders like to upgrade their motorcycles by swapping out components for aftermarket parts, thus improving comfort or performance. Owners also tend to personalise their rides with custom paint jobs or additional accessories. Replacing parts with anodised aluminium versions, or using anodising treatment on existing parts, is a simple and effective way to achieve a new look. The process is relatively quick, too, so if you have removed a vital part of your bike, you won’t be without it for too long. In the aluminium anodising process, an electrical current is passed through a bath of acid, causing a coating of aluminium oxide to form on the surface of the article undergoing treatment. Dyes are used to add a spectrum of colours to the hard wearing, smooth surface produced by anodising. Many motorcycle parts are made from aluminium, and a wide range of these components, large and small, can be given the anodising treatment.

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