Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stop Corrosion: Polishing Aluminium and Other Metal Finishing Methods

When we think of something made of metal, we often picture something that’s quite indestructible. Army tanks, military fortifications, battle armour—all of them elicit the same aura of invincibility simply because they’re made of strong, thick metal. But alas, science dictates that what most people would deem invincible is not exactly so. Enter the fascinating yet damaging process of corrosion, which has made metal finishing processes like polishing aluminium and other types of metal a relevant occurrence today. First of all, it helps to know what corrosion is all about. In general, corrosion is a natural process that breaks down several types of metals. Corrosion happens more commonly among anode metals, or those that gives up electrons whenever they come in contact with a liquid electron conductor, which is known as an electrolyte (i.e. water), oxygen, and a cathode (a substance which accepts electrons).

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