Sunday, March 8, 2015

All About Aluminium Anodising: A Quick Run-Down of Interesting Facts

You might have not heard it yet, since it’s a purely technical industrial term: anodising metals. Then at first, anyone is highly likely to ask: “What is it, and why is it brought up?” There’s actually one simple-yet-perfect example for it: Apple’s iPad Mini. If you take a look at its backside, you see a shiny, lustrous patina that protects the device’s metal surface. While it may look like some inexpensive sealant coat, it actually is a different one—it’s not put there, but rather “grown” there via anodisation. Any person would typically find it hard to comprehend that something could be “grown” on a surface that isn’t organic at all; however, the usage of the term “grown” is in an entirely different context: an industrial one, to be exact. That being said, let’s go a bit deeper into the anodising process.

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