Monday, February 2, 2015

Anodise Aluminium Fascia for Better Durability and Aesthetic Quality

The fascia board is a long straight board that runs along the roofline, the point where the roof and outer walls of the house meet. It gives the house a clean finish by connecting the end of the rafters and trusses, creating a smooth appearance along the roof’s edge. Its primary function is to prevent moisture damage in the home’s interior by protecting the roof. It also acts as support to the bottom rows of tiles and guttering. As one of the house’s shield against different weather elements, the fascia board also suffers cumulative damage. The common cause is the heavy weight from gutters clogged by debris, water deposits or ice dams during winter. Although there are gutter technologies that remedy this problem, the fascia itself deteriorates over time. Most fascia boards are wooden, but wood rots easily so home builders resort to metals like aluminium to strengthen the roofing system.

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