Monday, November 24, 2014

Why Aluminium Anodising Processes are Very Safe for the Environment

Indeed, a leading international authority holds that three fourths of all the tonnes of aluminium ever produced are still in use today thanks to recycling. It’s not at all unusual for aluminium once used in beer cans to find their way into the very structure of airplanes. Furthermore, the recyclability of anodised aluminium prevents 90 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from escaping into the atmosphere annually. It goes without saying that this promotes an environment more sustainable for life. Although the anodising process results in certain by-products, none of them are particularly harmful. Liquid by-products are returned to the process while solid by-products can be used in the creation of cosmetics, baking powder, and even water purification systems. One particular by-product─ aluminium hydroxide─ stands out for being a vital component of antacids, which are used to treat heartburn and indigestion.

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